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I guess I'm glad I don't rely on my writing to pay the bills.  The past several months I have had little desire to create stories.  I'm sure it's happened before, but until I decided to start getting more serious about this writing life it never mattered. I have plenty of stories at the ready in my head that I could work on, but when I lay down in my bed lately, which is where I do most of my composition, nothing comes to the fore. Last week I had my godson, goddaughter, and her boyfriend out for a visit from Idaho.  I had never met the boyfriend before and it had been several years since I'd seen my godchildren.  We had a great visit.  We did several fun things, including going to Chicago, one of my favorite places in the whole world.  Do to a mishap in timing I ended up going with them to Indiana to spend part of Saturday with the boyfriend's family.  I am, by nature, an observer, so spending several hours with some wonderful people that I'd never met